Lecture series 2019

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Thursday April 18

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7:00 PM  –  8:00 PM

Take a photographic journey through Japan from the perspective of an American who was born and raised in Japan.  Combining personal experiences with his original haiku, Steve Jensen shares will share his unique experiences with the nature, culture, and the people of Japan.  You'll begin your journey in Karuizawa, a town in the foothills of the Japan Alps, make your way throughout the mountains and coasts of central Japan, until you leave the bustling city of Tokyo.  Personal anecdotes of his childhood in post-war Japan combined with recent visits there will bring a new appreciation for what you experience here at Anderson Gardens.  

Steve Jensen grew up in Japan, attended a Japanese school in Kanazawa through the fourth grade and then an American school in Tokyo.  Most recently, he has taken a number of friends and family on tours throughout his beloved homeland.  Steve has published nine children's books and is currently writing a novel based on his experiences in Japan.